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Manchester from an international student’s view

Manchester is a city which you would like more if you spent more time in.

As a multicultural metropolis, Manchester has a lively social scene, a warm and friendly crowd, accessible outdoor spaces and a rich history of development.

On weekends and holidays, many people can be found in the thriving neighbourhoods gathering to eat, relax and talk after a week of work and study. Everyone has a happy smile on their face, celebrating every joy in life. People help each other and care for each other, making the city a community.

The city marathon on 22 May was a great example of the unity of the city. Runners and passers-by alike contributed to the event, with countless runners from different regions and countries, all working towards the same finish line. At every cheer point, there were many spectators cheering and encouraging the runners. The excitement of the event was felt by everyone in the city.

It was a great atmosphere with everyone focused on the same thing, on the course and in the theatre. Manchester's transport links are varied and convenient, making it easy for everyone to get to the event. Whether it was a ball game or a play, everyone was fully engaged in the excitement and the event culminated with cheers at the most exciting moments.

As well as these social events, there are plenty of places to visit in Manchester that are perfect for a solitary, solo visit. There is the National Art Gallery, which houses a collection of art, the Whitworth Art Gallery, the Manchester Museum, which exhibits animals in their natural habitat, the Science and Industry Museum, which showcases the history of Manchester's industrial technology, and the People Museum, which tells the story of Manchester's history. There is the People's History Museum, which tells the history of Manchester and its people. Each of these is unique to Manchester and worthy of repeated visits, with each visit yielding something new.

Manchester is a city that offers something new every day, a city that is diverse, changing, interesting and welcoming. That's why I chose to come to Manchester to complete my university studies.