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Manchester- a friendly city

It has been 9 months already since my arrival in Manchester. I can say that I had one of my best times here in Manchester. In this blog post, I would like to share my love for Manchester.

First, the people in Manchester are very friendly and kind. Everyone on the street greets you with a beautiful smile while walking. It really makes your day. Manchester is a thriving student city. You will find students walking on the streets around the campus, the whole day.

Second, the campus of the University of Manchester is designed very nicely and beautifully. The university has a lot of things to offer from lecture theatres to self-study areas. The University of Manchester has first-class facilities that support student needs such as modern libraries with extensive books, journals and database collections, learning spaces, a separate student union building and cafes. Our lectures are usually conducted at the lecture theatre. I just love the way the theatres were designed. All of them were well-equipped with all the latest technologies and facilities.

Third, Manchester is surrounded by nature. There are a lot of places around Manchester, where one can visit to explore nature. To have a break from fast-paced city life, one-day trips to the English countryside are the best options. The Peak District is 20 minutes away from Manchester by a short train or drive. The Lake District is also not that far for a weekend escape. It has shimmering lakes and peaceful villages.

Fourth, Manchester has brilliant architecture. This city has one of the UK’s finest architecture. Buildings in the city centre like Deansgate arches, the Printworks and the Central Library depict a great fusion of old and new architectural designs. You can also spot buildings of various big organisations while taking a walk on the streets of the city centre. Those buildings are so huge and magnificent.

Fifth, Manchester has markets in Albert Square, Piccadilly Gardens, Exchange Square and St Anne's Square throughout the year. They conduct more big markets during the Christmas period. It is the best time to shop there. Moreover, the Arndale and the Trafford centre are open seven days a week where you can go out with your friends to have a day off.

At last, I must say that with so much diversity and people from different backgrounds, Manchester has definitely been a welcoming home for anyone to settle.

two buildings in Manchester