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Manchester - The city with so much to offer!

Hands up if you also ended up in Manchester for studies. If you are one of those that thinks of Manchester as a very grey place where there is nothing to do, you are wrong.

You might not be in London, but I can guarantee that this city has a lot to offer. If you are looking for some inspiration for your weekends in the North, you might find this article useful (I hope so)


Night out, cool music and a good dance floor? If you are looking for this, Manchester has some great places for it and also a very good variety of clubs. Tell me a music type and I might be able to find you a club that plays that type. I particularly love Latino, so I usually go to Revolucion de Cuba. Every Wednesday night there is a Latino social just perfect to practice all your moves. They play Kizomba, Salsa and Bachata. If you are looking for a less Latino night, they have great parties at the weekends as well. You have to check it out at least once.


You study in a location that is home to Manchester United and Manchester City. It is impossible to miss the opportunity to go and watch a match. Go to the Student’s Union and take advantage of the discount they offer. Grab some friends and have fun at the stadium. It would be very fun to watch a game even if you know nothing about football.


Manchester is known for its music. Academy 1, Manchester Arena, or some other small pub could play some great music. Who knows you might be listening to the next The Stone Roses or Oasis.

House Party

Low budget but still want to have some fun at the beginning of the semester? Easy! Organise a House Party. Make a FB event, write BYOB and invite all your Manchester friends. You can cook together, play board games, watch a movie, talk, dance and listen to music. All in a great environment


Cinemas in Manchester have deals from 5 pounds per ticket. Besides the small price, there could be scenarios when you will buy a ticket and you will be the only one in the room. I loved the experience and I hope you will be lucky to experience that too.

Day Trip

If you are too bored of Manchester and its offerings just head to Piccadilly Station and get a ticket to an unknown destination. There are some amazing day trips you can try out. My favourite ones were Liverpool, York and the Peak District. If you get to the train station you can always visit some new destinations that you can explore.

Some other Activity

If you have done all the 6 points or you just don’t find them interesting enough, let me give you some fun activities you can do in Manchester. What about skiing on fake snow, finishing an escape room, visiting museums or checking funky coffee shops? You can find a great list just here.

Relax and have fun!

Manchester – the city with so much to offer - with friends

Manchester – the city with so much to offer - eating out