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Making the most out of the Careers Service

It is peak recruitment season. Either you are applying for a summer internship, a placement or you are looking forward to a call in which somebody tells you that you have got the job. This period can be extremely stressful.

However, you are not alone in this job hunt, and there are many resources provided by the careers service that might help you nail your interview or assessment centre to make you feel more confident and prepared for what will come.

I used to take advantage of them in my previous years of studies (and I still do). However, since October, I joined the careers Service as a Student Partner Intern, and I understand a little bit more about different opportunities that are in place for us to succeed in the job market.

But first... do you know what jobs you are suited for?

Fear not if the answer is no. There is plenty of information regarding your different career journey. You can always attend some networking events to learn more about what a career entails from the professionals working in that sector. If you feel like you are stuck, you can book a Careers Guidance appointment.

Cv, cover letter, application form...How do I nail them?

Let's say you set your mind to a sector and you have narrowed down your choices when it comes to the companies. Now you have to complete a tedious application process with a cover letter, a CV and maybe a complicated form. Make sure you consult these resources! No matter if you have just started applying for jobs or you are a pro, you can find a lot of useful, compact information. With the CareerSet, you can receive feedback on your CV or tailor it to a job description on the spot.

Ok but now I have to do a dreadful one-way interview...

If this is the case, I understand your pain. Nobody likes to speak in front of a camera, by themselves, without receiving any kind of feedback or encouragement from a real person. It is also harder to see yourself while speaking. We should not mention the dreadful one minute of wait (and thinking) before you start to answer the questions - and you only have a short amount of time to do so. If you want to practice before you do the real interview, the Careers Service provides you with the opportunity to try on-demand interviews before "the real thing".

Research, prepare, practice.

If you were able to receive an offer for an assessment centre and do not know where to start with the preparation, start but read the page about this on the careers website. The key to a good assessment centre performance is anticipation. Therefore it is always better to learn new things about how you can be one step ahead of the competition and amaze your dream company.

This was just a short overview of useful resources available to you, but there is plenty of information, opportunities or networking events available on the website. Ask for feedback and advice, assess yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses and search for new ways to improve. Do not give up and remember, all you need is just one yes!

Madalina Ifrim