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Life in Manchester in the autumn

As autumn approaches, tree leaves are turning yellow and red. These warm colours shine in the middle of dark green and make November the best time to go outside and view the unique scene of the year.

The Manchester city centre is definitely a great place to visit. There are plenty of people going there and experiencing the lively atmosphere. There are impressive buildings, famous landmarks, delicious food, and lovely people to help you to embrace the beauty of Manchester in November.

Besides going into the modern centre, some nature scenes are worthwhile to have a trip as well. There are countless local parks located in the city and countryside viewpoints around Manchester. For example, there is Hulme Park in the city and Greenfield in the courtyard. At the weekend of the first week of November, I will be hiking with my friends to Greenfield to experience nature and relax.

Other than walking around to visit different areas, there are activities to enjoy our leisure time in Manchester while sitting down as well. There are two show venues in Manchester city centre, they are the Opera House Manchester and Palace Theatre Manchester. Both have exclusive shows that play in a certain period. For example, the famous show Waitress is going to play stage show from 8th to 20th November at Opera House Manchester. I would recommend booking the tickets in advance to be able to pick a better audience seat. I would be going to see the Riverdance show in the middle of November, and I brought my ticket one month in advance. I have watched the prior Riverdance show online several times, but the stage show will always be significantly different. I am extremely excited about the show.

Come out and experience a different life in Manchester!

A picture of a motorway in the UK with trees on either side