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Life changes through the postgraduate course at the University of Manchester

When you make big decisions, you might experience the fear of the unknown since you cannot predict what will exactly happen with the choices in the future.

Sometimes you regret your decisions when your life is going downhill, but you feel fulfilment when your life goes back to the track that you want, or unexpected but amazing things happen. I acknowledge that there have been many extreme difficulties for the past 10-months, which impacted me physically and mentally. However, I have never regretted that I joined this university.

Deeper academic discussion with classmates

I was always craving for in-depth academic discussions with peers. I love learning new things, and the level of satisfaction is very high when I successfully conceptualise new practical theories in my way after understanding different perspectives. Unfortunately, I could not meet any friends who were on the same page. After attending a few seminars of the master’s course, I realised that my concern should be ‘how to become a better discusser’ rather than ‘how to find a good discusser’. The course mates at the university were already knowledgeable in different majors. It was more than interesting to listen to their various opinions about the same data as it was interpreted from different perspectives. As a result, as you can guess, I had to work hard to catch up with them, but the process was so much fun.

Job career

I have been running an online English tutoring business. In the industry, my academic career worked as a huge selling point that attracts customers. Furthermore, the working experience as an ambassador and a blogger of the university differentiates my career from others since it shows that I understand the importance of a hard-working, socialising, and supportive attitude. Also, my self-confidence increased while recognising myself being improved in terms of knowledge and skills rapidly, so my overall performance went up, especially during a consultation with customers or negotiation with other stakeholders.

International contacts

In my view, a big difference between an undergraduate course and a postgraduate course is that there are so many mature people with a great career in master’s courses. Besides, is it necessary to have a good network to be successful as human resource is a crucial part to start and maintain a business. I have never been prouder of myself making new friends who can communicate in business language worldwide. I do not doubt that I’ll support them when they need me whenever it is, and vice and versa.

This course is only for a year, but this year is the most memorable academic year. The lack of interaction due to the pandemic and the excessive workload sometimes pushed us very far. The interval of burning out became more and more frequent. However, the hardships made our experience more special and unique by creating bondings. I wish the best for all the graduates and you who may have concerns about your unknown future in this university.

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