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Knocking down exam stress

The least anticipated period of the year has officially begun. The exam period is one of the most stressful for many students.

Many bitten nails, gallons of coffee and tones of snacks after, the second semester welcomes us. I know there are a lot of tips and articles about studying and managing anxiety, but I am happy to share with you my personal rituals and guidelines I follow to stay sane and prepare for my exams. So, get on board!

Tip #1: Eat well and spoil yourself

I know it sounds cliché, but the truth is eating well and going for healthy, nutritious choices is crucial during periods of high stress. Eating whole foods can help restore balance and reduce the adverse effects of stress on your body. Replacing caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugars, with clean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats contributes to the lowering of your stress hormone levels. Snacking is also important. Try to keep fueling your body with rich in fiber and protein snacks. Despite what I said though, I completely understand the need to eat sweets or snacks or even given in to KFC. Do not worry we have all been there and it makes sense to crave all those high-calorie snacks. The optimal thing I try to do is apply a 30%-70% rule and enjoy all food without any guilt.

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Tip #2: Shake that body

It may sound weird, but body movement is linked to lower stress and during exams, it can offer a great, fun opportunity to boost your energy and improve your move. We all have a favourite song that whenever it plays in random places, we make a huge effort to not dance like crazy to it. So, once a day play your song, close your eyes and dance to it for about 8-10 minutes shaking your whole body.

Tip #3: Eat, Pray, Love

If tip #2 sounded weird this one sounds crazy. I must admit this tip is one of the most important for me. During the exam period, there are quite a few moments that I feel down, almost like giving up. When you see yourself reaching that point you need to take some serious measures. Emotional support can certainly help you. Your people are always there for you. Call your best friend, your parents, your partner in crime, or any loved ones, text them or video chat. In times like this, the most effective stress relief is love. Scrolling through your photos and watching old videos on your phone is also a great idea.

Finally, feeling down and being stressed is not a form of any weakness. We are all in the same situation and each student copes with stress in different ways. It is certainly hard but be sure to take care of yourself, pamper yourself, and try to find your personal rituals that will help you feel better.

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