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June: the third semester and lockdown easing

As time flies away, my master course's 'progress bar’ is approaching to the end. Reviewing last the 9 months, it was a so incredible journey and every day was memorable. The third semester started after had a rest for a week, and the dissertation meetings and closing deadlines forced me to restart my study.

The third semester primarily will be revolved around the summer dissertation. Generally, the first meeting would be timed at the end of April, and our second and third group meeting has been finished at the middle and end of June. And owing to the outbreak, the meetings transferred to the online virtual mode and no offline face-to-face lecturing, which is a pity.

I chose an accounting topic which is a qualitative research dissertation topic, and such research topics will be closely linking to the course ‘qualitative research methods’, which we learned during the second semester. And my research is majorly documentary and archival based, therefore, fortunately, the impact of the outbreak on my research is limited.

And with the lockdown easing, my life is getting back into the swing of things. Last week, my friends and I met the first time after three months lockdown! We were partying in my friends’ apartment, and she cooked various delicious Chinese foods for us. After the meal, we played UNO and PUBG, we had a really good time that evening, and we chatted about our lockdown life and our future plan, which made me realise that the ending of my student life is approaching, and in the new life phase, we may work and live in different cities or even in various countries, the chance to have a reunion with friends will be less and less.

In addition, the weather last week was really sunny and hot, there were many people who went outside and sat on the grass to soak in the sunshine and take pretty photos. While without the air conditioner, the indoor temperature was so high and just like living in an oven, it was really a challenge for my endurance and heat tolerance. And this is the first time that I appreciate the weather variability in Manchester— the following cloudy and rainy days saved me from the heatwave.