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Job hunting

Now that we are all almost done with our academic year and some of us even finished our dissertations, the real challenge has begun.

Searching for a suitable job as a recent graduate is always a difficult period and can be not only time-consuming but also a hard time for many. As a recent graduate, who is actively looking for a job, that will kick start my career and help me fulfil my aspirations, I will share some tips and an insight into my personal experience.

Tip #1 Gain experience

Applying to job vacancies and going through the different phases and interviews can be very challenging and to be able to be agile and adapt to each different process and recruitment process takes effort and time. Almost anyone, who just started applying and got some responses to move to the next level of the hiring process can reassure you that you will have to go through countless interviews, simulations and case interviews in order to be able to improve your performance and win the job of your dreams. It is never easy and especially with the high levels of unemployment and competition nowadays, the demand for better prepared and organised applicants is growing. To develop and improve you have to learn first. No matter how many different tests and online simulations and articles you read, my personal view is that you will not be ready to face anything unless you actually experience as many different hiring processes as possible. Each firm has a different set of values, different requirements and a whole different approach. You need to become as immune as possible to the fear of the unknown. So, practice, practice, practice.

Tip #2 Choose wisely

I know that being picky now is not what you would first consider as a smart idea but trust me you will thank your future successful self. Even though the vacancies are restricted and the applicants are countless, we all need to realise the value of choosing the best fit for you and working hard to get where you aim. Since we all want to start our careers with this first job and shape our future, we need to be extra careful not to blow this opportunity off. Talk with yourself, try to understand what you really want, where you dream to be and then map out the required steps to achieve this goal. Every person is different and has different things and skills to offer. A company is like a buyer and you are the seller in this case. Would you really go to sell your product to a 2 years old child? No. The same applies here. You want to track the vacancies that can help you to get where you want and the firm that you feel you share some common goals and ideas.

Whether you just started searching for this perfect job or have already been disappointed by the time and effort this process requires always remember the ultimate goal.

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