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It’s not a "goodbye", just a "see you soon"

Greetings from Greece!

I left the (surprisingly!) extremely hot Mancunian summer and came back home for a few days to conduct my dissertation research. I'm interviewing trainee lawyers examining the relationship between training and organisational commitment. I'm also trying to spare some time to see family and friends and go to the beach regularly, in a hopeless attempt to get an exotic tan within a week.

I left just in time to avoid seeing England not making it to the 2018 FIFA World Cup final. I am not very keen on football, but I enjoyed going to the pub to watch the matches with my friends. I also really liked seeing British people of all ages get out in the streets singing and being passionate and enthusiastic about the cup that "It's finally coming home". Things didn't turn out this way in the end but what matters the most is the joy that the event brought to the city.

It's not a

It's not a

This is my last blog post.

As this Master's year is coming to an end, I'm going back to the start. The beginning was, as always, scary but promising, the ending is approaching and is expected to be bittersweet, but it's the middle that counts the most and for which I am grateful.

I feel so lucky to have met so many kind, talented and inspiring people and to have made the most unforgettable memories with them. From our 9am lectures, our group projects and our endless study nights in the Dover Street Building or the Learning Commons to our crazy night outs and trips, I have thoroughly enjoyed every single moment, and I would gladly do everything all over again!

One of the last highlights of the year was the AMBS Postgrad Summer Ball, organised by the Horizon Society. We all got dressed up and spent a fun night singing, dancing and (of course!) taking photos. It was the perfect chance to see my classmates, just before many of them returned to their countries for the summer.

Overall, I'd like to thank everyone – friends, classmates, lecturers and the University staff –  that made this year one of the best of my life so far.

Also, a big thank you to the AMBS admissions team and Liz Hardy in particular, for giving me the opportunity and the freedom to communicate my experiences and feelings through this blog.

To the ones reading this post while getting ready to come in September (I have already spoken with some of you!): Congrats! An amazing journey is about to start for you very soon. Have no fear; be open to the unknown, say yes to the challenges, believe in yourself and have fun!

To be honest, I hate saying goodbye, so I'd rather say hello; hello to our new beginnings and adventures.

To my Mancunian family: No goodbyes, just a see you soon, definitely in September and hopefully at our graduation ceremony in December.

Thank you for everything, Manchester! From now on you have my heart!

It's not a