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Inside the Accounting and Finance Class of AMBS

I shared the start of my journey in the last blog. In this blog, I will be talking about how accounting and finance class looked like in the first semester.

The month of December marks the end of Lectures and the beginning of Exams of Semester 1. As weeks passed by, new challenges were faced and new memories were made but this is the time to cherish all in the holiday season.

I have experienced a few things during these 10 weeks of Lectures, group assignments and discussions. The modules covered in Accounting and finance in Semester 1 are very comprehensive. Core courses include Cross-sectional econometrics, Corporate Finance Accounting and Asset Pricing. All three courses lead me to evaluate and apply the theoretical approach to analyze the issues in Accounting and Finance Industry.

The most important part of these courses was the understanding of the various techniques in the Accounting and Finance Industry. They helped me to develop systematic knowledge in various aspects. We also had group coursework in which we have to prepare the report and presentation. It was a great learning experience as we listened to everybody’s perspectives and ideas in the group and tried to incorporate them all. I believe that working in groups and delivering results give us exposure to corporate work-life.

The fourth course that I took from the choice of three was Portfolio Investment. I took this course because nowadays, portfolio management is one of the emerging careers in the Finance industry and I would like to learn more about it. Moreover, I got the chance to work on a group assignment in this course that involves the learning of new software Bloomberg. It is software used to create and analyse portfolios.

Adding to this, I also enrolled on a practical course, MATLAB. It stands for Matrix Laboratory, designed to analyze the systems and products using numerical computations. One of the above courses, Cross-Sectional Econometrics, involved the practical study of STATA Software to provide training in data management and analysis of statistical data.

To summarize the first semester, it was exciting to wake up every day to attend the lectures, group meetings and random plans of group studies. Altogether, it is a wholesome first semester with lots of learnings and challenges. I hope to experience more in the next semester.

At last, here begins the holiday season. It is nothing less than a dream come true moment for me to witness Christmas in the UK. I am excited and look forward to experiencing this festive season while preparing for my first semester exams.

The Christmas tree at AMBS and the Bloomberg Terminal in the Alliance Manchester Business School building