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Initial Manchester days

Hello! My name is Rishwin Barasia. I am a fun-loving individual who likes networking and socialising. After completing my undergraduate in Engineering, I have come to Manchester to do my Masters in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. Apart from my academic background, I am very passionate about dancing. Adventures, a good sense of humour & watching sports excite me. 

The first two months in Manchester has given me memories that I am going to cherish for a long time. Across many different aspects like cultural, student development and extra-curricular development, Manchester has been very supportive.

Coming from a tropical, culturally diverse country like India, it wasn't always going to be a smooth transition into a new country. I was fortunate to have some local help as some of my childhood friends have settled here in the UK. Believe me, having someone to support you initially is a great deal in settling down. As soon as I came to Manchester, all my worries and fears came to rest. The vibe was so embracing, so refreshing that it seemed like if there was any place that you wanted to be in the UK, it was Manchester. Manchester is a perfect mix of traditionality and modernisation and for a student like me, social and university life both hold equal importance and this city is ideal for both.

After an exhausting 24 hours of travelling, I was welcomed by the summer of England. The summer, which had temperatures that I didn't initially expect. Soon I found out that this was the warmest it can get. The rains do get unpredictable, but you will be habituated with it once you are here for some days.

Manchester is a very lively and happening city. There’s a hustle and there’s peace too. The city centre is one of the main attractions of the city. With most of the shopping concentrated around that place and several movie theatres and clubs, the city centre attracts most of the student crowd. One of the most visited places around the city is the Old Trafford stadium which is a fascinating place for football fans around the world as it is the home ground of Manchester United. Other than these the city has some good museums and art galleries for all the history and art enthusiasts.

My course is about networking and innovating. And the university has several events and activities meant to socialise. The class has enough cultural and academic variety which allows me to explore and understand others' ideas. The course is a mix of practical workshops and theoretical lectures which means that I have a chance to apply whatever I learn during my lectures. The University also organises trips from time to time meant to promote teamwork and effective communication. The assessment guides us to work in groups which is a very effective way of getting to know our fellow mates and bonding and networking with them.

All in all, the course and the city has everything I need as a student.

A bridge at Salford Quays

The north campus at University of Manchester