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In the end, enjoy every bite

It has been nearly ten months since I had been in Manchester and the time flew. Starting from the strict lockdown at the start to the lifting of restrictions it has been a different life experience. In the final blog, I will share my experience and what to expect for future aspirants who are looking forward to life in Manchester.

The pandemic had changed the lives and systems of functioning in many aspects of teaching, travelling and networking which are an important part of student’s life. Although due to restrictions, blended learning didn’t get implemented, the professors and instructors were always available in enhancing the learning experience. The course instructions and support from the teaching staff had provided sufficient sources to maximise learning. It would have been a great experience if it were in-person teaching but again nothing can stop anyone from learning. The help from the instructors and proffers are always ready to help and guide and it all takes is to “ask”.

From the beautiful mountains and sceneries in the north to the beautiful beaches in the south, England is a beautiful country to explore, as the places are easily accessible and short distance. The travel restrictions in the early months were disappointing but now that they had eased, it is always exciting to look forward to short visits. Manchester also has wonderful places to visit. Football, nightlife, and parties create a festive vibe all over the city. It also holds a few of the historic museums, libraries and parks for not so outgoing and peaceful crowd. Manchester has a great collection of culinary expertise from different regions of the world to taste. Networking and socialising had significantly affected by the restrictions and measures. Though modern digital applications can remove the distance barriers, it doesn’t feel the way how people communicate in person. The future holds better networking and social opportunities with the regulations lifting off.

Each one of my friends and classmates had come to Manchester having different expectations to possibly enjoy their life in Manchester everyone had different experiences. Few complained, few compromised, and few possibly enjoyed the best of what’s available. While the main aim is to learn and gain experience from the master studies, we need to be part and enjoy other experiences too to make this time a lifetime worth. Plan your studies, earn some money, travel across places, taste delicacies, make new friends and grow in your life.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things” – Robert Brault.