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How to adapt in the UK - tips for international students

I’m from the other side of the globe, Korea. The country is a monocultural society, which means that you can hardly meet and talk with a foreigner and experience the western culture. On contrary, the U.K. has such a high foreign population and systems of school, road, and even grocery shops are different.

Delivery apps for grocery shopping

International students rarely own a vehicle, so grocery shopping could be an issue due to heavy bags. I remember myself struggling to do the first grocery shopping for the first move-out in the U.K. I had two heavy plastic bags in my hands and one big bag pack on my back. It was 15 minutes away from the grocery shop to the house, but it took around 25 minutes as I had to put everything down and take a rest. Now, I’m free from all the stress of carrying heavy things as delivery apps(Deliveroo, Ubereats, etc.) have aligned with grocery shops! For instance, I’ve signed up for a membership on Deliveroo, so over £25, it’s free delivery with a monthly fee of £3.49.

Amazon delivery with a 6-month free trial of Prime Student

In the UK, you can find many vouchers or discount codes on the internet. Also, you can find some student discounts on Unidays, but my favourite one is a 6-months free trial with next day delivery on Amazon! The firm aims to ‘sell everything’, so you can find so many things you need on the website, but except for fresh and perishable products. After you create an account with your university email, you can google ‘6-month free trial of Prime Student’, and if you are eligible for it, the first link will lead you to the webpage!

Free return policy for most goods

it is one of the most fantastic systems I found in the U.K. In this country, customers rights are well protected by law. You can send many products back if they don’t meet your expectation if they are defective, or especially if clothes don’t fit you without any argument with a company. Furthermore, big logistics companies such as Hermes and Royal Mail have a return website, you only need to put a brand name and an order number of the product you’d like to return. Next, you can decide whether you will print the label at home or the store, and drop it at the store.