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Hello Alliance Manchester Business School!

October has been a very busy month, yet fun. In my Creativity, Design and Entrepreneurship class I had to create three concept ideas of three different business concepts as well as in every workshop I had to push myself in order to come up with new ideas with my group that would impact the other students in the class. On Financial Statement Analysis, me and my group had to analyse 6 different annual reports from different companies where we learnt how to interpret annual reports, to comment and extract conclusions and recommendations.

At the beginning of the month I was contacted by the business school and I got the opportunity to become a Student Ambassador representing AMBS for open day the 13th of October which coincidentally was my birthday and even though I spent about 7 hours talking about my course and the huge opportunities that come with it, I got to meet a lot of new people, including classmates who I hadn't met before. It felt like a birthday present to meet so many future students and their respective families who were all very kind to us.

The 16th of October there was a bike fair in Whitworth (student accommodation) where I was able to buy a second-hand bike at the very reasonable price of £70 plus £10 for a very strong lock worth £40. Moving around Manchester by bike is safe and comfortable since most of the roads and streets have a designated bike lane. Before I had to take the bus from Salford Central or walk from my house and it took approximately 40 min to get to my lecture hall or the library, now, in 15 min I can be anywhere in Manchester City and the university area.

In the Student Union the 11th of October there was a vintage clothing sale which is one of my favourite places to buy clothes. These are second or third hand but they are in perfect conditions and there are many formal and informal clothing items from very big and commercial brands at a very good price that all students can afford. I bought a jacket that now I use almost on a daily basis.

Overall, this month has been tough academically since many new topics and concepts have appeared in the different modules, but I think I was able to combine studies and social life very well by organising and dedicating specific amounts of time to study and then, at night, meeting my friends and socialising.

Hello Alliance Manchester Business School