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Happy New Year Everyone!

Let me tell you about my Christmas Holidays! Once I finished my team project where the due date was the final day of semester one, I immediately started packing my luggage for my trip with my best friend. Guess where did we travel? Let me give you a hint, it is a city of love and the best croissants! Well, you guessed right we went to Paris!

Two pictures in 1. On the right hand side is a picture of Paris. On the left is a picture of Manchester city centre

It was such an amazing experience, and a small tip for international students, while you are at the university use this opportunity and travel around Europe! Of course only during holidays, so it will not affect your studies! Going back to my assignments, I would recommend each of you to prepare a study plan and stick to it at least during the exam and deadline periods, thank me later! Make sure your study place is clean and if you would like, put calming music on in the background, trust me, it will increase your efficiency, as the music will help you concentrate on your work, but don’t put heavy rock or night club music, it definitely will not help.

Also, don’t forget to make your goal list for 2022. I already did mine and it helps me to stay motivated, for better results write them down and print it out, so you can see them every day near your desk or wall. Best of luck with the upcoming exams, and remember you are not alone, we are all in this together!