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Good memories of Alliance Manchester Business School

I cannot believe this is my last blog during my time at Alliance MBS. This year has passed far too quickly with a lot of good memories, experience as well as the difficulties faced by everyone due to the ongoing pandemic.

I have now travelled back to India to spend the rest of my summer with my parents. However, this holiday will be cut short due to the need to spend time in quarantine. However, I feel this was the best decision considering how much some students have got lonely during the period of isolation of over 3 months.

As I look back on my journey at Manchester, I feel this entire experience has been extremely beneficial in both my career development and my personal development. In terms of my personal development, when I moved to Manchester in September, I was completely new to this city. The accommodation, the flatmates, the course mates – everyone coming from extremely diverse and unique cultural backgrounds contributed to my cultural appreciation. I would say to future students that your masters’ journey is very different compared to completing an undergraduate degree. Students are often more open and friendly since everything is new and they only have a short time to make friends considering the timeline of the course is barely 8 months. I personally had a very diverse set of flatmates with one being from South Korea, another from China and 2 others who were undergraduates from Manchester Metropolitan University. I got to learn a lot about food, their cultures, their thinking and certainly about the different degrees they were pursuing. In terms of my classmates, since most students come from China, I also got to learn about how the education system was different compared to the one in UK and understood about difficulties faced by some students due to language limitations despite their subject knowledge being superior compared to UK students. Finally, as I mentioned before, the infrastructure and the facilities at Alliance Manchester Business School are probably some of the best I have ever seen. The building in itself is far more superior compared to any other buildings of the university. The faculty staff are extremely helpful which will help students to see through the rigorous course and aid them to secure good results.

I would also like to mention the role of central careers team and the AMBS postgraduate careers service who have been crucial in helping me secure my job at Lloyds. Finally, I would advise all students to start as early as August to begin their application process for jobs, as a later start would reduce the chances of applying to a broader range of firms. I would also suggest students attend as many networking sessions as possible as this will only increase your chances of getting to know people who are already in the industry and getting their insights on how to improve your applications and stand out. However, it is also important to join new societies, make friends and go to other events and have a lively social life. This experience is surely once in a lifetime and once you start working, you won’t enjoy these freedoms. I personally do hope that students get to re-live their university experience on campus as previous students did, especially considering the covid-19 situation.

This journey at AMBS has surely been special and it has given me a lot and has also left a big mark on my career which I will never forget. Overall, I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in my postgraduate degree.