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From Fresher to Graduate: my 4 years at UoM

After 4 years, hundreds of hours of studying, over 30 exams and essays, and many memories made, my time at Manchester has come to an end.

I started at UoM in 2017, fresh from sixth form college with no clue what career I wanted but I knew I had a strong interest in business and finance and I wanted to keep my options open, which is why IBFE was the perfect course for me.

Even though I am from Greater Manchester so a commutable distance from the university, I made the decision to take the plunge to move away from home and into student halls to get the full university experience. Living in Sheavyn House in Fallowfield was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had where I met my best friends on my first day, so I am eternally grateful for UoM for putting me in Flat P room 3, and Fallowfield will always hold a special place in my heart.

Through my time studying at AMBS I have grown personally and professionally, learning skills and knowledge that I will use for a lifetime and throughout my career. I am fortunate enough to be finishing up my final year with first-class grades for which I am so proud of myself for how far I have come.

In my third year, I was lucky enough to secure a placement job at IBM, somewhere I had only dreamt of working at, where I spent 14 months working as a Business Intern in Resource Management and Project Support for a public sector client. Although the pandemic transformed the last half of my placement to working from home, at IBM I gained invaluable experience in a multitude of roles and discovered my passion for project management and working with clients on innovative solutions so I knew that I would love to return once graduating.

Returning to university for the third year during the pandemic has meant that graduation is such a huge and long-awaited accomplishment and I truly believe that the class of 2021 are the strongest and most resilient graduates as we have pushed through the struggles of no face-to-face teaching, virtual exams and tackling zoom woes. It has been an incredibly hard year and I’ve had my fair share of tears and worries, but it is such a relief to be finishing university and I know we will have an amazing graduation as soon as possible.

Last year I was offered a graduate job as a Cloud Microservices Business Consultant at IBM, where I will be starting in London this coming September and I can’t wait to get back and get stuck in.

Time flies when you are having fun and I can say that these have been 4 years of my life, and when if the last few was not what I was expecting, I wouldn’t change things at all. Thank you UoM!

Two pictures from Emily Parson's blog showing a lanyard of Emily and a photo of Emily and her friends outside a house