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Five reasons why you should do a placement

Hi all, I hope this article finds you well and you're all enjoying the university experience so far (no matter which year you are in!) Kind regards, Catalina.

In today's post we are going to talk about the experience that changed my life and upgraded my perspective on life after university. The title speaks for itself. It is about the Industrial Placement Year that most students can opt-in for on their 3rd year of studies. Without further introduction, here are my top 5 reasons why students should take up this opportunity.

1. It's time to play the "real life" game

One of the main reasons why you should undertake a year in industry is that you will get the opportunity to see how it feels to have a full time job for a year. You will discover what it's like to wake up in the morning every day and go to work, attend meetings and wear formal clothes. Also, you will understand more and more aspects of the workforce and how the job you are doing plays an important role in the bigger picture of an organisation. Also, it's your chance to see if the "dream job" you have in mind after graduation is what you like doing. You have a year to find out what you like and what you don't like about the industry you choose to work in.  My placement year in the investment banking industry shaped my next steps towards my career and I managed to understand what areas I should focus on in order to reach my goals.

2. AMBS Reduced the prices for the Industrial Placement Year

In case you read the AMBS Newsletter, you might already know this, but the University of Manchester reduced the fees for the Industrial Placement Year. This is definitely a good reason to get one!

3. Get me that first!

We are going to talk statistics now. It has been shown that those who take a placement are more likely to graduate with a first honours degree. I don't know about you but I wouldn't risk it.  Maybe you wonder – why is that? Well, I need to admit that my time as a Data Analyst at Morgan Stanley made me more organised, I am more hands-on and I can focus longer hours than I used to. Now I am on my final year and everything I did last year helps me a lot in my journey. (Fingers crossed I get that first :) )

4. CV Boost

Let's think about this! You spend one year working in industry. This is the best thing that you can add on your CV and use to hopefully stand out to recruiters when you are looking for a graduate role (if the company you did your placement with doesn't already give you an offer after graduation). You will gain new skills, you will learn to use new software and moreover you will develop your soft skills. You will have great stories to tell recruiters about during interviews.

5. You have your own money to travel, see friends, have fun!

Placements are paid. Your work is rewarded, and this gives you enough freedom to treat yourself the way you want. Search for that that cheap flight ticket around Europe, save for next year, buy yourself small rewards and invest in something else. You have the freedom to do all of these things without going to your parents and asking for financial support. Isn't that great?

Before letting you go, I should mention that getting a placement might feel very overwhelming. Companies have a long recruitment process that you need to go through, but the moment you get your offer you will feel invincible! Keep applying, keep respecting the deadlines and never give up! I know that you can do it!