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February: Month of feast

If I have to summarise my February in a word, I will say FEAST! There were so many social activities for me in this shortest month of the year, that made the beginning of the second semester a lot easier, in the sense that I had events that could refresh me when I felt exhausted with the school-related stuff. Although I only have 2 days of classes this semester, in reality, it is not as relaxed as it may seem. Units are way tougher and more challenging, but they are insightful as well.

At the beginning of this month, we celebrated the Chinese New Year. To my surprise, it was festively celebrated here, as the city centre itself was decorated with cute little lanterns that made it prettier. There was even a big celebration held there at the weekend following the festival. I had a nice flat mate’s night out where we had some delicious lucky foods such as fish that are commonly consumed during Chinese New Year to wish ourselves better luck and prosperity in the year of boar and exchanged stories on how we usually celebrate it back home. It was an interesting discussion as we noticed that sometimes we have a habit that is unique to a particular family, in addition to a general tradition that prevails. My accommodation also held a social activity in our common room, where there were lucky draws, Chinese traditional arts, and snacks. Everyone was invited; it was a memorable experience to celebrate it with people coming from various backgrounds.

Interestingly, Manchester weather was unpredictable this month. After 6 months of being constantly in its ordinary chilly state, it turned out to be a LOT warmer by the end of February. I could even leave my coat at home because the sun shone brightly all day long. Everyone cheerfully went outside and enjoyed it while it lasted; since no one can guarantee how the weather will be the next day, (it is Manchester anyway). On one sunny weekend, there was also a social event with my classmates. Based on the voting we did beforehand, we decided to have a lunch gathering in a nice Brazilian buffet restaurant in the city. We really had a great opportunity to know each other better in an informal setting.

Overall, this month was another great month for me. As the days are supposed to be gradually warmer in the next few months, I am eagerly waiting for other activities I can do in the second half of my master’s course.