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Extra activities for professional development

As my University journey is getting closer to the finish line, I have been focusing a lot of my free time on activities that will benefit my future beyond AMBS.

I have been partaking in both online courses and conference calls to develop my skillset for my imminent career path. With these two resources in mind, I thought it would be best to give a little more detail about some of the work I have been doing, which will hopefully provide others with tips on capabilities that can benefit their CVs.

Online Courses

First things first, online courses. Now, as University students, I am aware there’s a lot of learning already. However, I have found that taking additional free classes is a great way to boost the CV, so here’s my tips.

With a vast number of courses available online, I think building a mind map of categories is a great way to not get overwhelmed. I chose categories that would benefit my career (including Digital and Creative), and then grouped my favoured courses below. Question is, where should you look? My favourite website for potential courses is FutureLearn, as there is lots of versatility to the style of learning (both educational and interactive) and the courses are also free!

Once I begun classes, I would transfer these into an excel document. This would include tracking information, such as course length and topic note links, which is a great way to keep everything in one place (and can easily be transferred to a professional development section in a CV.)

Conference Calls

I’ve also been signing up for lots of insightful conference calls that can be found through our University and LinkedIn. These calls have offered valuable information about skillset development and graduate scheme applications.

My top two that I joined were the Gucci Graduate Programme call, organised by AMBS, and the EY Wellbeing Call on Confidence, offering great insights for different reasons. Firstly, with the call from Gucci it offered useful insights into a potential career path in Fashion Retail Management, and the EY call provided the chance to ask questions directly to Tan France and Anthony Joshua about building your confidence.

As Zoom is now a part of our everyday lives, I cannot stress enough the usefulness of joining these calls (particularly University organised calls). They present an opportunity for you to ask questions you may not have thought of otherwise to people you would never expect, so get involved and keep an eye out for calls on all platforms.

Having the Time?!

As a final year student, I understand that these activities may look like they take up lots of free time. However, the courses I have taken and the calls I have joined have only used 1-2 hours of my week (which is no time at all). So, if you have a little bit of time, absolutely have a look at these activities and see if you can boost your skillset!