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Exam season

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. With this New Year, 2022, comes the most stressful period for many students. The exam period is the most crucial time for all students.

Many sleepless nights and anxiety breakdowns before we enter into the second semester. Everyone is revising the lessons and struggling together, even me. There are a few stress management tips that I have compiled for myself to sail this exam time.

Tip#1: Make an effective time plan to go through all the courses. Identify your strengths as well as weaknesses in the particular subjects and make a plan accordingly. Allocate and distribute time to all the activities of your day appropriately and most important is to follow it diligently.

Tip#2: Starting ahead of time. Do not wait until the last minute to finish off your studies. Plan to finish it off ahead of time by starting early.

Tip#3: It is important to keep yourself healthy. Make sure you eat well. Having a balanced diet can help to reduce anxiety and keep you cheerful. Don't forget to drink a lot of water daily and keep yourself hydrated. I agree that we all crave fast food and it is acceptable to have it once in a while.

Tip#4: The exam period usually makes us sit in one place. So, take out some time to have a walk and exercise. It is important to have short breaks in between study sessions. I usually go for short evening walks to freshen up my mind and continue with my studies. Plan a day off and follow your favourite activity that day. It is the time of New Year festivities also.

Tip#5: Along with exam preparation, it is important to take into consideration career planning too. Most of the companies have their assessment centres planned for January. So, run through deadlines so that you don't miss any opportunity. Take the help of career support to try and keep your foot in the door. Keep preparing for the tests and interviews.

At last, I will like to add that month of January is definitely a crucial time period for all of us. Keep motivating yourself to finish off with your plans in time. I know, we will all get over this difficult time with many positive outcomes. Let's keep our spirits high. I hope my personal tips will help in your exam preparations.

All the best!

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