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End of 2nd Semester, Poster Day and a well-deserved Spring Break!

March is over, and we are currently in the last week of class.

It is insane how two semesters passed by that fast. And now, at the end of the second semester, I feel a combination of emotions.

From happy to nostalgic, this experience has brought a lot to my life. Good friends, great classes, and lots of fun.

End of 2nd Semester, Poster Day and a well-deserved Spring Break! Campus

End of 2nd Semester, Poster Day and a well-deserved Spring Break! Campus skyline

During this last week of class, professors often take time to provide feedback and tips to study and prepare for exams, which are around mid-May. In April, days in Manchester are a bit sunny and you will see colourful flowers all along the campus. Therefore, do not miss the chance to sit back and relax. Especially because by now all projects and assignments are over. I recommend visiting the food market next to the Manchester Museum which opens every Tuesday. Stalls change every week, and the variety of smells and international flavours will transport you outside Manchester for a moment.  I tend to visit this market with friends every single week. It has become a ritual!

One of the highlights of this semester was Poster Day. This is an MSc Marketing exclusive event where your dissertation team will get a chance to present a brief outline of your dissertation to professors and students. Your outline does not have to be perfect, but your topic, research methods and annotated bibliography should be clear by now. During Poster Day you will get valuable feedback on how to improve your dissertation research, as well as an opportunity to do some networking. So, even if it is not a compulsory event, I highly recommend going with your group.

Now it is April, and I have to be honest. While writing this blog I am already dreaming about my well-deserved break. Many students take this break to travel around Europe and the UK, so we are already having small meetings before many of them leave. After a visit to the GP I got prescribed some Vitamin D, I will spend the break in California. Now you understand why I am already excited about it! I promise to show some pictures on my next blog. But going back to Manchester for a moment, this week I went for a Korean BBQ with friends, again! It has become my favourite, and this time we went to a nice restaurant in Stockport, which is around 20 minutes to the south of Manchester city centre. However, after the amazing meal, the night did not have to stop. Especially because, as mentioned before, we did not have any coming deadlines! So, we decided to go to karaoke in the city centre. I have to say that I am impressed by the vocal talents of some of my classmates! We had a great time!

May will come after the break and the most important deadlines will be the dissertation proposal and final exams. By the first week of April, the exact dates of each exam will be released in the Blackboard system. So, make sure you check them and organise accordingly. It is true that many people travel during the break, but do not leave without being aware of coming deadlines, events, and duties as a prospective MSc Marketing graduate.

This is all for this month’s blog and I really hope I inspire you month by month to take on your journey at The University of Manchester, and if you are already on the journey, I hope my experience has served as a guide on the coming months.

Until next blog! once I am all stocked up with Vitamin D!