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Employability Tips from a placement student

The arrival of the new year indicates the brand-new goals of life. Besides studying for the final exam and new semester, it is needed to start preparing for future careers and potential internships for next year. Here are some tips regarding the employability of undergraduates from an accounting programme student doing placement this academic year.

There is an internship programme specially designed for fist year undergraduates, the most valuable one from most of the companies is called Spring Week. As its name suggests, it takes place during the spring, each company may vary. It is a great opportunity for first-year students. The company means to introduce the companies’ values, backgrounds, and the trait of employees they look for to the fresh. It could lead to future internships and even graduate jobs if they found you matching their values. It is worth trying for everyone, regardless of what your plan after graduation is. As it would be the safest, the most valuable first step of you get into a professional environment. It could be hard to successfully attain this opportunity, but it brings gains as long as you tried. You could be able to familiar with the process of applying for a job, you could get feedback regarding your CV, and advice about your interview.

For second-year students, you are in your penultimate year. You have obtained quite a lot of basic knowledge of your programme, which could support you to secure a more professional job like a month-long internship. This is time for you to enhance your employability as that is the curial thing making you outstanding. It consists of, but is not limited to, the attractiveness of your supporting documents like the CV, resumes; the professionalism of your answer in Job Simulation; the communication skill during the interview; the behaviour in Group assessment. These tasks require a certain number of practices until you feel comfortable enough to show your best side of real you to HR. There is plenty of advice from experienced people, mock practices on the university’s website, using them wisely could accelerate your career progress in the right direction. However, it is your responsibility to arrange your application schedule, and to improve for a better outcome. Therefore, most of the significant parts of applying job depends fully on you, like searching the companies’ information in advance.

Several special advice for a student who is interested in doing a placement include; 1. staring applying as soon as possible, placement programme launches and closes much faster than you think. 2. Seizing any potential supportive resources, the Speed Interview held by AMBS is a great example, that is where I secured my placement position. 3. Apply all potential companies and try not to stare at that three to four big companies, SMEs are passionate and promising as well! 4. The applying process could be stressful and frustrating, but never give up as the university would be able to adjust the deadline a bit according to your special circumstances.

Final year students tend to be occupied by the heavy load of study and application to master, my friends who are doing the third year suggested I focus more on university and less on work to avoid overwhelming in my final year, and I decided that I would follow this advice. Without a doubt, having a great amount of professional knowledge and enhancing the ability to study is always the first thing the companies look at when hiring.

Practising more, applying early and preparing well are three tips that have been discussed by so many articles and experienced people, as these really work. Good luck to all of you and also myself!