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Easter break and exams

This is the season of festivities and nice weather; hence, it marks the beginning of Easter break and the exam period.

We have completed the 8 weeks of Semester 2 and exams are due next month. I would like to remind you all that it is important to enjoy the break and have the most of it along with completing your coursework and preparing for exams.

If you are travelling back home, then have a spare couple of hours to focus on your studies. You can make the schedule for the days you will be at home. Plan the days out and stick to that schedule. I understand that we all have been away from our homes for so long, so try to create as many memories to cherish them once you are back.

If you are staying back in Manchester during the break time, you will enjoy the weather here. However, have a few days off to explore Manchester and other cities. This is important to relieve exam stress. There are a few tips that I have curated for myself to balance the enjoyment and exam stress during the break.

Plan a short trip with your friends to any place.

This will refresh your mind to restart your studies for the exam.

Prepare a timetable for yourself to finish off the pending assignments, coursework and projects.

Have some time in-between to revise all the previous lectures.

I also recommend to the Master students to go through their dissertation topics and prepare well in advance for them. This time is very important, as many of us will have our first meetings with our supervisor after Easter break.

Pick up your hobby again during this time.

You can work on your passion and enhance your skills. It will help you to keep busy and reduce the stress around the exam periods.

Take short breaks in between your schedule.

It is important to take care of your health. Eat healthily, drink lots of water, go for a walk and practice yoga.

There are also various events that happening across the city, I recommend you to explore them and enjoy your time there. It is always fun to meet new people and learn from their experiences.

Have a great time during the break while making the most out of it.

Two pictures side by side. The picture on the left shows a typical English pub and the second picture on the right shows a church