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Deadlines, presentations and a semester of fun

After 2 weeks of a relaxing but intense Easter holiday, my last few weeks at Bocconi are coming to an end. These last few weeks are being completed with an array of presentation deadlines and exams.

The feeling I currently have is a mixture. On one hand, I have to admit that I’m quite anxious and scared. The following weeks have been really tough and it’s not finishing! I’ve constantly been working my socks off to execute each of my presentations to the highest quality. Managing 5 presentations at Bocconi as well as a dissertation proposal for Manchester has been one of the hardest challenges. However, with strong organisation and focus, I’ve managed to be able to execute all tasks to the strongest ability that I could.

Although the extent of group projects has been extremely time consuming, giving little if at all time to focus on my upcoming exams, it’s also leveraged on further skills which will be of great use during my professional career. Namely; projects organisation and leadership, negotiating a variety of different group member demands and client requirements as well as further increasing my confidence in presentations.

I’ll be starting to revise after I’ve delivered all my presentations to the companies and lecturers this week. Wish me luck!

I am also starting to feel nostalgic about my semester here. I’ve met so many interesting friends and people passionate about taking their career to the next step. I’ll, of course, be maintaining these relationships and I’ll definitely be returning to Milan to visit my friends.

However, I also know that it’s time to move onto my next part of my MSc journey and professional career. I’ve currently had a few interviews for companies and although the workload is picking up.

On the other hand, I’m delighted to be finishing soon. The semester has been surely long and filled with surprises – both positively and negatively.

I can’t wait to visit Milan and more locations around Italy when I’m done. Specifically, as the weather's been a little unstable lately the summer months will be perfect to make the most of the city and enjoy a gelato in style.

A presto,


A Milan street scene

Rooftops in Milan