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Christmas comes early

Winter is here! It has been cold and windy these few days, how are you getting on? You can probably tell by the decorations that it is not too long until we celebrate Christmas. I hope you have bought enough clothes during Black Friday to keep yourself warm. There are so many things to do during this exciting time of the year, and in this blog, I will take you through some ideas that you might find interesting. So, grab a hot drink and we shall begin!


The true happiness comes from when you bought something that you really like at a discount. During Christmas, most of your favourite items will be on sale. It is a great time to buy some essential supplies for daily use (toilet paper!). Or you can also reward yourself with a brand new pair of Jordan’s for all the good work you have done in semester 1. Don’t forget to check student discounts as well!

market street in manchester

Feel the vibe

Although you can shop online for convenience, I strongly recommend that you join the crowd downtown. There are so many things and gadgets to check out on Market Street. My personal favourite are the candy stores, remember to check the prices when you buy things from the little cabins though! There are also a bunch of other activities for you to explore in the city - team up with your mates and go on an adventure.

sweet stall at manchester christmas markets

Plan your time wisely

Despite how much I resent myself for doing this, you still need to delegate some time for studying. As we approach to the end of semester 1, how many of you can barely remember what last weeks’ lectures were about? It is crucial that you spend reasonable time on each subject and revise. Otherwise, it can get stressful during the exam period in January. It doesn’t mean you should study all the time, but a plan is always good to have.

Stay warm and stay safe! See you in the next one!