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Christmas and New Years in UK!

Hi guys! Happy New Year! Can you believe it's already 2020? A start of a new decade, that's crazy! The past few weeks have been super busy, let me fill you in on what I've been up to.

This was my first Christmas away from home as I decided not to go back to Malaysia this time round for the opportunity to travel. Right after school ended in mid-December, I flew to Nice (France) to enjoy the sunshine and amazing seafood! It wasn't peak travel season for Nice (as it's a popular destination during the summer months), so it was a super relaxing and chill trip without the usual crowd of tourists. Not to mention the views were incredible! Since I was already in Nice, I also made a quick stop to Monaco to visit Monte Carlo! It was such a glamorous and beautiful city.

I came back to Manchester a few days before Christmas, and just spent Christmas day making lasagna, baking cookies and playing Mario Party with friends.

A week later, I went down to London to visit a few friends and to celebrate the coming of the New Year.  A friend I met during my year abroad in LA was visiting London during this time, so meeting up with her brought back so many memories from my exchange. It made me think about how crazy last year was and how it truly changed my life – I still talk to all the amazing people I met there on a daily basis and it warms my heart knowing that distance did not become a huge barrier in our friendships. It was also really fun showing her around this part of the world, just like she did for me when I was over in California last year.

Whilst in London, I ate lots of amazing food, emptied my wallet with all the irresistible holiday sales and of course, won stuffed animals at the infamous Winter Wonderland! On New Years Eve, a couple of friends and I went to Primrose Hill to watch the fireworks at midnight. A cold and muddy night, but a truly memorable experience to remember!

Sadly, exam season is now upon us. All of us, especially those of us in our final year, have been hiding away in the libraries trying to cram for those top grades and finish our degree off on a high note. It's going to be a long 2 weeks of stress and hard work ahead!

Back to studying now! Talk to you guys soon!

Christmas and New Years in UK - London

Christmas and New Years in UK - Winter wonderland

Christmas and New Years in UK - Nice

Christmas and New Years in UK - Nice Beach