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Buon Pomeriggio, mattina, giorno o sera wherever you are

My final exams are all finally over! It’s been an intense 3 weeks of studying.

At Bocconi University one can either choose to pass their exams in May or June or split the exams across the month. Although initially I was worried if I could deal with 3 weeks of intense studying from scratch I took the leap. I definitely was up for all-nighters of no sleep, highlighting pages and pages of work and revision over all the key concepts applied throughout the semester.

Nonetheless, in all the hard work and studying I managed to add a little spice to life. Now that it’s summer the supermarkets are filled with beautiful local fruit and produce. The best study breaks to try out so many Italian delicacies.  Furthermore, I got to spend and finally catch up with my friends from Manchester here at Bocconi! An Aperitivo in an open courtyard is always a good shout out!

It sounds ridiculous right, that a walk to the supermarket and cooking added more excitement to the day? That something as simple as that could bring me so much happiness. I think during the master's and your life in general, it’s important to be grateful for the little things. As it’s the little things which can lead to making the big things happen. If you’re happy in your day to day life then you can achieve a good performance academically or professionally.

I must say now I’m immensely happy that I crammed my exams in the month, exhausted but recovering under the Milanese sun and now preparing the last steps of my thesis. Fingers crossed I don’t have to retake any exams in June!

My next month of June should be filled with dissertation typing, exploring around Milan, enjoying the sunsets with a glass of Aperol, applying for jobs around Europe and of course attending various academic events at Bocconi University. After this, once it’s confirmed that I don’t have to retake any exams I head straight back to the UK! I can’t wait to be reunited with my friends back in Manchester and to finally make the most of the new Alliance Manchester Business School building

I’ve made a list of all the last things I need to see before I leave Milan and its surroundings. Including the wonderful lake Como!

Although I don’t have many pictures, here are a few shots from the start of a summery Milan.

A presto! 


Inside a Milan coffee shop

A red tram in Milan

Camille Hanotte eating a sandwich in a bar in Milan

An open laptop on a balcony

A view of a canal in Milan taken from a bridge