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Building an energising morning routine

As winter approaches, the imminent stress of exams and deadlines start to creep in. With less than 8 hours of sunlight every day, it’s difficult to stay motivated or even get out of bed!

That’s why a morning routine can have a substantial effect on shaping your day. Adopting these habits could help start your day on the bright side:

1. Wake up. Brush your teeth. Make the bed.

While some people think it’s a waste of time to make a bed that you’re going to get back into after five minutes, it can make you feel put-together for the day and get that motivation running for a productive day. It influences you a lot more than you know!

2. Move… a little

…Or a lot, depending on how busy your to-do list looks for the day. Exercising is one of those naturally energising activities that can instantly wake you up and release endorphins (they’re called “feel-good” chemicals for a reason!). Especially with no equipment home workouts, exercise at home has become easier. (Try downloading the “Nike Training Club” app for free workouts and avoid giving yourself excuses!)

3. Food

Breakfast plays a big part in staying awake and active during the day. Studies show that skipping breakfast does more harm than good as it increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. Therefore, finding the right balance between eating nutritious foods and physical activity is key.

4. Detox from devices

Almost all people reach for their phone as soon as they wake up. While the blue light your phone emits might help you wake up, checking social media feeds and notifications can ruin your mornings – especially if you respond to emails whilst in bed in your pyjamas. This makes you stay in bed longer, as opposed to starting your day sooner and thus, leads to a cycle of stress. 

5. Set yourself an upbeat playlist

Music evokes emotions. As difficult as current times get, listening to cheerful music you can sing along to can lift your mood up. What’s easy is finding playlists on music apps: Spotify has “Mood Booster” and “Songs to Sing in the Shower” playlists that automatically do that for you!

6. Creating a to-do list

The satisfaction from ticking something off your list is immense. Breaking down the things you need to get done into manageable tasks can serve as motivation, and one of the best ways to start (or end) your day as it can leave you feeling organised. Lots of apps provide list-making features like Notes on iPhone or Google Tasks, but personally, I enjoy making my list with colourful pens on paper!