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Books en route to a vacation

Exam time is not stressful, it's a period of a rush as I see it. Rushing into the vacations. If managed properly one can ace their exams by just focusing on the planning process.

This would avoid chaos and lead to positive results. I am enrolled on one of the most prestigious courses in AMBS, MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management. As proud as one might get, it's not the easiest. We had four open books exams, two exams per week, to be written in essay format needed to be submitted in 1 week's time.

I initially went on to analyse what the Professors wanted for each of the modules. Then found common patterns. They all were looking at arguments, literature from articles and journals, and evidence to prove our own argument, followed by neat referencing. Essentially there was no right or wrong answers for all the exams, it's about the stance one chooses and how he provided justification for his stance. If one changes the stance then the answer becomes irrelevant and might lead to low grades for sure. I managed to complete my first two exams in about 4 days, each taking about 2 whole days. A Professor in my undergraduate studies used to tell us, if you want to be successful then you have to apply some gum and sit without losing focus. That's another strategy I applied. I had more time to check my papers after the 4 days and was able to submit it early. I was also able to solve my next two papers faster with the same strategy.

Post exams I ended up going for a beautiful trek to the Peak District with a couple of friends. It was 15 people in total, and we took about 3 vans from AMBS being the meeting point. We entered the divine forest with magnificent landscapes into nature's arms. With a whole lot of energy, we kept climbing to the top. It was steep in a few places which took a lot of energy. Once we reached the top we actually felt how much we had walked. It was a cold morning with no rain on that day. But there was an accumulation of water that had frozen because of the cold weather. The cool breeze hit our faces at a lightning speed. We had packed sandwiches and had a picnic up there. Once we started coming down, we actually realized how steep the climb was as we had a tough time coming down holding on to things so we do not tumble down. Once we reached the start point we actually realised that we had totally walked about 11 miles that day. But it was a trip to remember.