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Bonfire to light up the night

There is happy news I want to share on today’s blog. We discovered a bonfire place in our backyard. Now the nights are warmer and the parties are longer.

I stay in a private house with three other friends and we planned to clean the weeds from the backyard garden. In the middle, we discovered a big pot, which was half inside the surface and it was covered with rocks on the side like a bonfire place. We ended up relocating the big pot and finally discovered a bonfire place about half a meter deep. This was just the perfect thing we needed 4 months before our course ends.

We thought of testing our bonfire by having a core gig party. By core, we meant only the residents of the house and not friends from outside for the start. As we were a bit sceptical about the laws on the land for having a bonfire in the backyard. Looking at the climate change and the laws being so strict we thought of checking the guide of Manchester City Council. We found a government article which said it's allowed, with restrictions on burning house waste. Well, who wants to smell the fumes of burning plastic well nobody right, so we bought fuel infused logs for 1.5 pounds each from the store. Each lasted for about an hour and with two we are set for the night.

So I wanted to make wheat flour healthy pizza at home for the first time and my housemate and close friend had tested covid negative after 4 days of isolation so this was a perfect time for us to have a house party. I made the pizza dough using the YouTube Guru instructions. We had lots of vegetables as we are vegetarians and lots of cheese. We had drinks lit the bonfire and had some music in the backyard. We danced jolly and happy and let the night flow by itself. We had our neighbours pass smiles and record us. We had mixed emotions as we did not want them to complain and cause an issue even though it was completely legal to have a bonfire in the backyard. We went on to host another party after this one and invited our friends over and threw a beautiful party.

It’s been a while in this house and we still keep discovering new things every day adding joy to our student and moreover University life. As this phase of life would never come back and we need to cherish it.

Ashish Agarwal taking a selfie with his friends