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Big Ideas live

There are lots of interesting events and amazing opportunities that you can discover in Manchester. Whatever your interests, you can always find people or groups that share the same interest. Moreover, the University of Manchester also organises events and provides opportunities for students to get exposed to insights into the most high-profile problems that we face in our society right now. And today, I would like to share with you my experience as the university’s representative at the Big Ideas Live event hosted by Sky News.

On Oct 12th, we left Manchester at 7am and headed to Rotherham on a minibus full of students and staff. I really made use of the 2-hour travel time to make friends from across AMBS. I was able to connect with MBA and PhD students who are also interested in finance and economics, this provided an understanding of what to expect in my coming years of studies. I gained lots of insights and tips just from talking to them on the bus!

The event is about the economy, development in northern England and the environment, and it is also live-streamed globally. It was quite an experience! During the event, we listened to various experts, including former Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carey, discussing some of the most urgent problems, such as inflation, supply-chain crisis, and environment. The thing that interests me the most was how we can change the education system to help more students get exposed to businesses so that they can be prepared for the workplace. Ultimately, businesses want to have a more highly skilled workforce in the future. We also received free goodies from the event which was a big bonus!

This trip has really provided me with great opportunities to network with interesting people who have a lot of commonalities with me and I learned valuable insights about our current economic environment. Meanwhile, as a business student, I can really incorporate the things that I learned at the event into my studies, to see the bigger picture

In general, I have really enjoyed this experience and I would recommend that if you are offered any opportunities such as this at university you should definitely take part! They are extremely rewarding and great ways to make friends!