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Back to Ohio

January has been a busy month with moving back to Ohio after spending Christmas break with my family to getting settled into my new classes and getting to understand the new curriculum.

I have really enjoyed my new classes as many of them are classes that I may not have had the chance to undertake in Manchester such as Intro to Real Estate and Logistics Management. The Intro to Real estate has enabled me to gain a partial understanding into the real estate world and the different types of properties that occur. Logistics Management has also allowed me to gain an insight into how stores work to get their products from the manufacturers to the end consumer; it takes a lot more than just shipping the products to the customer.

The weather in Ohio has taken a turn for the worst this month as the temperatures have plummeted to -20 degrees and under. This is not fun when you have to walk 20 minutes to and from class each day. It makes you thankful for the rainy days in Manchester and the constant stream of buses that are there to take you to and from class.

Within the month of January there have also been various careers fairs for the Business School s within the University. The careers fairs are hosted by Ohio State and various employers from Abercromie & Fitch to Enterprise Rental Cars attend the careers fair giving students the opportunity to talk to employers about potential internships and post graduate jobs. I have been fortunate to secure a paid internship for 10 weeks over the summer in Milwaukee. This was a result of attending the careers fair where I met the employer and then was offered an interview for the company two days later. The interview took place on campus near the business school and as it was my first professional job interview I was quite nervous prior to the interview. I look forward to hearing more about the position and the duties of the job role.