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Avoiding the Christmas Trap

We are officially in the Christmas season and I am so ready for it.

The combination of all the delicious Christmas treats, the exam period and the house squatting make staying fit more of a challenge than it already is. Now if you want to stay healthy during those hard times, I think I may have some great tips we can both use to avoid ending up with Santa’s body.

Tip #1: Morning Run

Now, I know that not all of us people like waking up in the morning and having to go out there BUT I promise you it's worth it. Wake up, put some joggers on and go for a 10-minute walk. The walk will help wake you up breathing the fresh air, move your body and cheer up.

Tip #2: The rewarding breakfast

After your exhausting walk, I think you deserve some treats. Now, I cannot stress this enough, but breakfast can be the highlight of the day and give you the energy you need to start a productive day. It is always exciting for me to prepare a quick nutritional bowl with fruits, some oats and Greek yoghurt. There are so many breakfast ideas you can try and I am here for you if you need some inspiration.

Tip #3: Move that body

I know gyms were closed but now we can all get excited about them reopening. Some of us despise the gym and that is fine too. Exercise can come in different ways, right? If you are a gym freak like myself make sure to find 3 or 4 hours every week to hit the gym. If you are more of a jogging person just go for a nice walk in the countless parks this city is blessed with (I recommend Whitworth park or Platt Fields park if you live near the campus or city centre) to enjoy some outdoor activity.

the inside of the gym in Manchester

Tip #4: Avoiding the Christmas trap

Christmas is now around the corner and with that comes the so-called Christmas trap (so many snacks ready to lure you into eating them all at once). Enjoying a treat is essential but do not let yourself go crazy. It is important you balance your nutrition and keep track of your progress. If you want to enjoy sweets while still managing to stay fit, it could be of great help to use the substitute method. You can make small changes in your everyday meals that can eventually make a significant difference. For example, you can choose to buy oat or soya milk instead of regular milk, oats instead of muesli etc. You would be amazed by how many calories you can save yourself without having to give up on your favourite snacks.

My final tip here is: Do what makes you happy. Enjoy yourself. Eat what you crave and if you want to shift to some healthier habits, I hope this blog came to hand for you.