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An international penultimate year student summer schedule

As I started a one-year placement job in August 2021, so I would continue working until the end of July 2022 to accomplish the placement experience. After that, I am fully on vacation from August until my last academic year begins in September. As a penultimate year student, I do not consider the break as a completely relaxing leisure time, I have plenty of plans and goals to achieve as preparation for my final year.

But before all the planning and scheduling, I want to reward myself for working continuously for a year. At the beginning of my holiday, I will start travelling to relax. The first place to visit will be York, where I have been planning a trip for a long time. It is a mysterious, historic tourist city and the place I have been recommended the most by others. I would love to visit The Shambles, the prototype for Harry Potter's Diagon Alley! I would love to go on the dungeon visit, which is a horror-type event that York is well known for. I would also like to go and buy the York ghost, a lovely ceramic ornament. After that, I will also be travelling around the UK when I can, mainly to the south of England which I have not been to before. If possible, I will also travel abroad, for example to Europe, as it is close and convenient.

After I have relaxed enough, I will be focusing on my postgraduate application process. I will be sending in my applications for 2023-2024 in October. This means I have until October to complete all my documents, which will be a big job as there is so much to prepare. The postgraduate application will take up almost all my holiday work.

As well as applying, I will be using my free time to go to all the events that I have previously signed up for. Most of the events are from the schools where I am an AMB's student ambassador, such as the Open Day event and the 'Ask Me' volunteer during Welcome Week, which allow me to focus on my application alone while also meeting and interacting with others, thus making my holiday life more varied.

In my free time, I will be playing computer games with my friends, having fun, laughing and relaxing. Or watching the sunset and snacking with my little pet, Yuni, a cute hamster.

I am looking forward to my holiday, it will be a break and a transition for me.

clock being removed from manchester town hall

festival in manchester