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Amplify trading bootcamp and meetings with dissertation supervisor

As the lockdown restrictions are reducing here in the UK, things are getting better in terms of social life. However, this lockdown has taught me a lot in terms of personal development and how to prioritise things in life.

Currently, I have a lot to do in terms of university work as we have begun our initial meetings with our dissertation supervisor for our chosen research topics. We have already had two meetings and our topics are nearly finalised.

The whole of last month after my exams, I decided to spend time on my self-development by participating in Amplify trading Bootcamp provided by the university. It was a week-long Bootcamp where we were taught the basics of trading stocks, forex and commodities. It was a great learning experience considering the current volatility in the market. Furthermore, I have undertaken a few courses on Udemy that have developed my understanding of marketing and branding. This will prove particularly useful because I am starting a job soon in September.

Over the next few weeks, I am planning to fly to India using an evacuation flight since my parents are in India and it is important for me to see them before I start my job in September. However, it is turning out to be a hectic period once again as I have to balance my activities along with making sure I am on track with my dissertation. This year has surely been one of a kind and my only advice to future postgrad students is that they should make the most of their university life as this is once in a lifetime opportunity before you enter the real job market where life becomes even more hectic. Regardless of the difficulties faced this year due to the lockdown and while university closure remains an upsetting experience, my year at this university has surely been worth the investment. The knowledge, cultural appreciation and personal development I have gained throughout the course of the year have been invaluable.