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AMBS Post Graduate Careers Service

One thing that is very important when choosing a course at any University is a deep insight over their careers services. I got the opportunity to apply and become a student ambassador for the AMBS Post Graduate Careers Service and be part of the campaigns run by the wonderful team.

The team consists of 4 people and an intern who are the masterminds behind all the programmes and affiliations by the University in terms of organising speaker talks and having alumni visit the University. They can be called the dictionary of the University in terms of contacts and connections. It is up to the students to be able to interact with them and make use of the resources that Kirsty, Joanna and Alice have to offer.

They are wonderful people to have a lovely chat with. I personally needed help with my CV and they said I could book a one-to-one session with either one of them. I got really good formats, insights and feedback from them. It is always a fun time to interact with them. They also organise a lot of social events at the HIVE at the AMBS campus. They put out snacks and socialise gaming sessions where students from various courses can actually get to know each other and their history in a very short span of time. One of the games that I actually participated in and one was organised by Alice. We had a list of a few random things. For example, I have a vinyl player. We need to find a person who owns this particular thing and get to know him (just a bit). Like this, we had about 10 things on the list and I happened to complete this first, Woohoo. Later on, we had snacks organised for us which were wonderful again to have some food while socialising.

The team also organised a workshop in which they interacted with students from different streams to give the students more insights about what kind of roles their stream had lined up for them post completion. This was a wonderful way to let people know more about the opportunities waiting for them. There were a lot of students that came to the desk and played the rolling game.

Overall having a dedicated careers student service support for AMBS the business school is a blessing in disguise. It’s all about what you make of it.