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Alumni profile: Ishita Prabhu

Ishita Prabhu graduated from our Full-time MBA in 2022 and has since gone on to work at Amazon, initially as an Operations Manager and, after a recent promotion, Pathways Operations Manager. She shares how the Manchester MBA transformed her career in so many ways.

Why Alliance Manchester Business School?

The Project Based Learning, this unique teaching model, famously known as the Manchester Method instils and develops a creative mindset to the Manchester MBA student both past to present to explore, find and put together plausible and workable commercial business solutions. Working on the projects during the MBA encourages team building skills and helps to nurture collaboration.

Interning with Amazon

During my MBA course I was delighted to obtain an Internship with Amazon under their Pathways Programme. The internship lasted for 3 months and involved a working the warehouse floor.

During the internship I had to interact closely and continually with a large pool of associates andwork alongside them. This experience of person-to-person contacts and people management reinforced my beliefs that happy workers are those whose dignity and self-esteem are respected and work with enhanced commitment and dedication to the company. 

Receiving a job offer

My work during the Internship was noticed and appreciated and resulted in me receiving a job offer to join them as an Operations Manager on their Global Pathways Leadership Programme before I had completed my MBA Course.

The MBA opened doors for me where I transitioned from a Finance background as a Chartered Accountant to now being in Core Business Operations. This was through the development and strengthening of transferable skills which would have not been possible had it not been for this course.

The Global Programme with Amazon is set to develop business leaders on an accelerated growth path. Since starting my role in 2022 I have already received my first internal promotion as well as the opportunity to move within the business segments from the First Mile to the Last mile of Operations. This means I have expanded my horizon of experience and expertise.

Entrepreneurship at AMBS

The opportunities provided by AMBS did not end at finding my full-time job post MBA, but also encouraged me to explore and develop an Entrepreneurial skillset.

The Masood Enterprise Centre at Alliance MBS hosts an annual entrepreneurship competition called Venture Further. Venture Further is a platform for new business ideas falling into different categories can showcase their ideas with the winning business case receiving funding to help bring their ideas to life. Alongside four others I took part in this competition after completing the MBA programme.

The process of the competition helped us to dive deep into areas which we had not initially explored, the process of continuous brainstorming, and critical analysis.

This experience by itself was very enriching however what made it better was that our team were declared as winners of the competition, meaning we received the funding for the initial research & development to expand the scale of processes.

AMBS has truly cultivated and nurtured a vibrant environment of excellence in learning.

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