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Alumni Insights: Sarah Noonan, MSc Marketing

Name: Sarah Noonan
Nationality: American
Programme: MSc Marketing - International Specialisation
Year of Graduation: 2018

1. Why did you choose to study this course at Alliance Manchester Business School?

I chose to pursue my MSc to gain further experience and a leg-up for working in Marketing. I had a few years of experience working in Marketing in the U.S. but wanted to gain international work & life exposure. I chose Alliance Manchester Business School because it provided the most value for my money and was a smaller, friendlier city than London.

2. What did you most enjoy about your time at Alliance MBS?

Undoubtedly the greatest experience while studying at Alliance MBS was meeting life-long friends. This experience introduced me to new cultures and people from all over the world. I created lifelong, lasting friendships that I still hold until this day. Sadly, I no longer live in Manchester, but I’m lucky enough to visit friends that still live there whenever I am missing it!

3. What have you been doing since graduation – can you briefly describe your job role?

I am currently working as an Interactive Marketing Specialist at IHG Hotels & Resorts. This is a digital marketing role working within the Paid Media space. It has been a great experience working for a company that aligns with my love of travel and discovering new places.

4. How has your time at Alliance MBS helped you in your current role/with your career?

Moving abroad has increased my confidence levels and has set me up for success in my current and future career path. Moving to an unknown city and being thrown into the deep end was exhilarating and one of the best experiences of my life. I think education is highly important, but the life skills that an international MSc experience can provide are just as valuable. In terms of the units I took, Digital Business and Marketing Management were two of my favourites. I often still refer to my notes from the Marketing Management unit, which is heavily focused on brand theory and brand management, an important part of my everyday role.

5. What advice would you give to those considering studying at Alliance MBS?

Take the leap and apply! I remember feeling a mix of emotions including excitement and fear, but moving to England and studying at AMBS was one of the best decisions I ever made. As I am now progressing in my career and into my late twenties, I am happy I did it when I did. It was the best year of my life.

6. What are your future aspirations?

My future aspirations include continuing to live and work within the UK. I am hoping to progress my career and continue to develop into higher-level roles with greater reach across both content and digital marketing. Working in marketing is a great profession because it offers growth opportunities and variety across different industries and sectors… it is always changing!