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After exams: The movie

Exams are finally over, and we are all excited to welcome the summer season. The past year has been a real challenge for all, especially for students.

We have lost many opportunities and had to adjust to the new reality. Many social events were cancelled and for the students that were new to the city getting to know people and socialize has been difficult. Now, with most of the restrictions having been lifted, we have the chance to enjoy many events and places we did not have the opportunity before. It is a chance to walk through the city, explore beautiful, unique spots, enjoy the sun, go out etc.

A walk to remember...

Ok, not all have seen this rom-com, but a walk can be sometimes all we need. Now that the sun is shining and the weather has become our ally, we can all go outside, sit on a bench with some ice cream and a nice book and feel the sun burning our faces. Best feeling least for me since I love the sun so much. Even if you prefer a refreshing beverage and some quiet place you can relax, there are countless city spots, parks and cute cafes like Hatch or my personal favourite café, Chapter One. The parks are now becoming very busy, and you can enjoy a nice view, listening to the children playing around, the dogs, the people chatting. All those small details we once thought were granted now are a luxury we can afford.

Work, work, work

I know that not all students are now free from all responsibilities and free to spend as much time socializing as possible. Most of us will have limited free time even during summertime. Some of us have dissertations to prepare and work on, others have tests or qualifications planned and some also work. If you belong to this unfortunate group like me, we both know we need to spend quality time and choose carefully where to dedicate our valuable time. I have been searching for nice, quiet spots in the city where I can enjoy a drink, a coffee, cold lemonade and some food while having the chance to work along and concentrate. Chapter one is my personal favourite as the place has a great décor that reminds me of a cosy library, has exceptional tea choices and a huge plus, it has the best vegan cakes I have ever tasted. So, make sure to give it a try. Another great place to study is libraries, the traditional place where you can find a peaceful and quiet spot and focus on your work without any interruption.

I hope I gave some insight and ideas for places to visit this summer if you want to enjoy some quality time with friends, spend some quiet time alone, relax or work. Until next time, stay safe.

some pink flowers and a green tree