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Adjusting to life as a postgraduate student

So this is my first blog and it's very close to my heart, because here I'm going to discuss the first few experiences during my journey from my previous college to Alliance MBS. I clearly remember how anxious I was the day I was coming to the UK from India. The fear of being at a new place in a new environment with a new curriculum among new faces was making me a little nervous, but the way everything has turned out to be after landing in the UK, it has only made me very happy and satisfied.

I can very well see myself learning new things every other day here and even know how to apply them in the real world. Whereas during my undergraduate studies I was learning things more hypothetically with no practical outcomes which I would say was preparing me for something as good as my current Masters degree. The way things are taught here are incredible. I can never forget the amount of fun and learning I am experiencing these days – I have experienced this in my previous college too, but definitely not as much as here.

In my undergraduate degree program, most of my classmates were from a similar background which kind of pushed us to think in similar directions even. A lot of times the entire class used to agree on the same things because of this factor but here this thing has a different level altogether. People have very strong opinions and perceptions about things, based on their understanding, and it kind of creates a good learning environment in the class. Being among people joining from different walks of life is in itself so full of learning. Sharing ideas, knowing about each other's culture and understanding, sitting together and discussing issues, all of this has been aiding to my knowledge.

Not just my learning and studies, but I as an individual have seen myself changing a lot after coming to study my Masters degree. I am more professional, confident and focused than I have ever been in the past and it even makes me feel happier about myself. Along with studies there are lots of other opportunities an international student gets here, like involvement with different clubs, societies and various committees which actually enhance the university experience of many students. Along with that, there are other opportunities i.e. a part-time job, which is one of the best things as students can join various types of part-time jobs. I have joined Manchester United Football Club and I work at Old Trafford stadium which was actually a dream for me before coming here. If ever given the chance, I believe everyone must go abroad to study in order to experience all of this.

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