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Academic and Social Events at AMBS

There are a range of fantastic events and social activities for AMBS’ students to get involved in! In this blog, I will be discussing my experiences attending Accounting Society Manchester’s Welcome Dinner and being part of Manchester University Trading & Investment Society!

Accounting Society Manchester (ASM) held their welcome dinner this month! It was a fantastic experience meeting other career-focused individuals and getting to know other AMBS students. AMBS is truly a multi-cultural environment with people studying here from all around the world. At ASM’s Welcome Dinner I met people from India, China and Egypt. It was a great experience learning about different people’s backgrounds, why they came to study at Manchester and their experiences studying here. Overall ASM held a fantastic event and I am really looking forward to future events with this society!

I am also a member of Manchester University Trading & Investment Society (MUTIS) where I attend a weekly meeting held by MUTIS’ Investment Banking Club. These meetings allow students to build the necessary knowledge to enable them to succeed and be prepared for future roles in the financial sector. In last week’s Investment Banking Club meeting, we covered the financial statements in-depth and completed financial statement modelling using Microsoft Excel. We learnt about various Microsoft Excel shortcuts with the session leader humorously pointed out his strong recommendation on utilising these shortcuts due to investment bankers lack of time. We finished the session by learning about the different valuation methods used to value companies, for example, Enterprise Value and Equity Value. The knowledge I have gained through these sessions is invaluable for when I start my future career!

I hope this insight into the various events and activities students can take part in shows you the fantastic opportunities studying at AMBS has to offer. At The University of Manchester, there is a society for all interests whether it's finance, languages, politics or technology!

Investment Banking Club meeting