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A road trip around the UK

It was time to strike off some tasks from the to-do list. This one was a much-awaited one. A few friends and I planned a road trip to cover the whole of the UK.

We started our trip by renting a car from London travelling by Bus to London. We took the car and headed onto Brighton. We stayed over at a friend's place who happened to have extra room in her house to accommodate us. We travelled to the scenic pebbled beaches on the South Coast of the UK. I have a sacred place for clean beaches and mountains in my heart and we got to experience both on this trip. We made Brighton our base as we had accommodation there and did day trips to Eastbourne and Hastings. We saw the famous seven sisters there and I promise it's a once in a lifetime moment. We headed to Portsmouth and Southampton to see the beautiful marinas. Southampton is famous for being the start location of ‘The Giant Titanic’.

We took a ferry in which we could take our car along and went to Isle of Wight where we drove by the sea along our roads and went to the Needles and drove around the beautiful roads. The Isle of Wight could be my retirement destination and it's very underrated. We took a ferry back to Southampton and headed to Bath to visit the Roman Baths which was ok for a one time visit. We also visited The Royal Crescent and the architecture and the large lush landscape were breathtaking. I stayed there for 30 minutes breathing and soaking in the moment. We then headed towards Scotland. We drove to Inverness and it was snowing yet perfect weather to be in Scotland. We saw a few castles and the Loch Lomond which was a very large lake and I guess the water was contributed by the melting of the iced mountain top. We finally decided to go to Glasgow and stay the night and have a beautiful lunch buffet at Marble World buffest explore the city and head back to Manchester. We spent about £500 in total for the 10-day trip and the key to visiting so many places in such a short period of time was having a car with us and we did not waste any time waiting for public transport.

Ashish and his friends by a harbour in the UK