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A flashback of Semester 1

So here it all starts, a new life, phase or journey away from home. Coming to Manchester, moving into new accommodation and settling down seemed hectic and difficult at first. But already a couple of months have passed with Semester one is just about to complete, and the flash back is filled with loads of countless memories.

Over the past two months, I have experienced a lot of cool and fun adventures here in Manchester. So far the time spent here, is so amazing and adventurous that I am in a dilemma of what to write and share my experience about. Whether be it living independently or hanging out with friends doing socials. Meanwhile also maintaining a proper schedule for academics, as the curriculum is quite intensive and fast-paced, so you have to be very vigilant with your timetable and study schedules. That you don’t let go of the core objective of acquiring knowledge in the hustle for grabbing the passing score to meet the deadlines. My pro tip would be to do a regular bit of reading or going through lectures so you are on track and manage your time for other activities as well.

The University of Manchester at a glance

Manchester is the lively city of the GB as far as I have experienced it. Although I haven’t yet got a chance to visit other cities. But the city has kept me quite busy in the first semester. From Halloween carnivals to Christmas markets the city centre is always busy and crowded. Roadside markets, food stalls, cafes, and shopping malls are all in the city centre.

There are different food chains and local restaurants as well, offering multicultural dishes and food near the main campus. UoM sports provide, great facilities to relax and enhance your mood and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Such as sports centres at different locations near the campus and student halls. Offering a great range of facilities from indoor sports, gym and pool.

The university has excellent essential learning facilities, online and on campus. The main library, Alan Gilbert Learning Commons (ALGC) and AMBS library, study spaces are healthy places for self-study and group works with available assistance from the staff for assessment and coursework queries. The university’s career development programs are also sufficient for skills buildup and writing professional portfolios.

There is Student Union (SU) which has a full range of activities and events for students of every level to socialize and make their time at Manchester memorable. The SU is also equipped with providing students with support and guidance in every aspect. The SU building has the amenities such as a union bar, coffee shop, social seating spaces, theatre halls and hairdresser shop.

Evening in the city centre

Although I have been to the city centre many times, this was a special trip I made with my friend to visit the Xmas market. The city centre is once again filled with enthusiasm. The markets are crowded, streets are busy with people coming out to socialise, buy and spend quality time with their friends and families. It was my first experience ever. As I have never been to such festive markets ever. The vibes hit differently, seeing at the energy and happy faces of the people, making preparations for the Christmas Festival and buying presents for their dear ones. The streets were occupied by food, candies and gift stalls, with high rise buildings decorated in warm lights and Xmas theme. The atmosphere was very soothing and filled with loud cheers and laughter of the people. I still remember the aroma from the candy shop that was carved and justified the long queue of adults and children waiting for their turn. A small local band was also on the street showcasing its talent and people gathered to jam in with them. The experience was wonderful and worth visiting. Looking forward to visit the market again as soon I am done with the approaching coursework deadlines.