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A festive Manchester

Whoever said that time flies when you're having fun was right. It's been a whirlwind few weeks in Manchester and at university.

With the semester drawing out to a close and teaching concluding in these final weeks of December, it is just about beginning to sink in that one major component of our MSc programs is now behind us. A lot of my colleagues and friends bemoaned how quickly the first three months of the semester had gone by, and I can't help but agree. I will definitely miss our first semester: it was filled with getting to know a whole new set of people, making new friends, building new bridges, and learning a whole lot about marketing while we were at it.

Our class concluded the semester by delivering group presentations for our strategic marketing where each group had to come up with a new venture concept and pitch it to our professors. Working with a team of people from diverse backgrounds and aligning our thinking and formatting it into a cohesive presentation took a significant effort, but what we gained from working as a collective unit far outweighed the challenges. Of course, the semester isn't "officially" over until we get done with the small matter of our exams – a prospect that is awaiting us on the other end of Christmas. :)

But now, for some more festive cheer and spirit! As December neared, Manchester was enveloped by the spirit of Santa Claus and his elves – and the city began to transform before my very eyes. I did visit the famous Manchester Christmas market with a set of friends – it was a fun night out in Albert Square! Check out a picture from our escapades below:

Another aspect of our lives that has now become routine is the Tuesday Food market – a set of small stalls that are put out on campus for a few hours in the afternoon every Tuesday. I must admit that I have become a loyalist to a gentleman who brews the most resplendent South American coffee – although his hot chocolate is fantastic too! Every Tuesday, at around noon, that's where you'll find me!

And while Manchester has been quite a treat, it has gotten a bit too cold for my wife and me, and so we're shuttling off back home to warmer shores for the rest of the break. I'm looking forward to our new classes next semester, and most of all, our new Alliance Manchester Business School which should be open in early January!

Stay tuned to my blog, and I'll share more details about the new building in my next post! Until then, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and successful 2019.

A festive Manchester with friends

A festive Manchester - Selfie with friends