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A day trip to the Lake District

As university finished and my plan to go interrailing across Europe failed, I decided to go to the Lake District for a day trip with my friends.

With a postponed graduation ceremony, this year overall has felt anti-climactic whilst finishing amidst the pandemic. A lot of us thought things would be back to normal, brightening up the possibility of having graduation and parties that follow. Although this day trip wasn’t planned, it was a nice end of university trip and a great way to explore the North before I move to London. I wanted to go somewhere outside the city for some fresh air by nature, and the small town of Windermere didn’t disappoint!

My friends and I took a train from Manchester Piccadilly to Oxenholme and later found out that we were meant to get off at Windermere as we wanted to visit the lake. The journey took about 1.5 hours one way and tickets were less than £12 return! Through this adventure, we made it to the lake and saw different species of birds and lots of people enjoying the sunny weather. The highlight of the trip was going on a 45-minute boat cruise around the lake, where we saw fancy yachts and cabins. Alongside enjoying the surrounding areas, we were also given cool facts of places we passed by.

After that, we decided to have Indian food for lunch and loved the ice cream after that to enjoy the warm weather. There were lots of cafes by the lake which sold not just ice cream and coffee, but also fish and chips and other local specialities. As we were only there for 5 hours, we looked at the local shops, walked around the town and finally made our way back to the Windermere train station which was a 20-minute walk from the lake.

All-in-all, it was a great outdoorsy adventure and I hope to go back someday for an overnight glamping stay!

A boat in the lake district

A boat full of people in the lake district

Sailing boats in the lake district