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A day off

A really close friend of mine always had this thing called an “Escape” where he would just have an entire day to himself wandering in the mountains, cut off from the world.

For an extrovert like me, I never understood this until I went on one myself. With deadlines and exams approaching, it’s a stressful time for everyone. I bet there are moments when you completely want to shut off from the world but at times like these, I suggest taking an entire day off and just spend time with yourself. Prioritizing your mental health is more than important now and it’s about time that we accept the fact that everyone has bad days and it’s completely fine to take a few days off to recover. Here’s my escape story:

Around 2 or 3 weeks ago, I had reached my saturation point and I just wanted someone to book me a vacation to the Bora Bora (Well too bad, quit dreaming Ali! let’s get back to reality). I got up around 2 p.m. and looked out of the window, it was a sunny day with thick clouds surfacing the sky. I realized that this would be a perfect opportunity to see the sunset, so I googled a few places and the only one I could make it to in time was Salford Quays. I had heard of this place before, but I hadn’t visited yet, so I grabbed my backpack, put on my earbuds and left. I cannot even begin to tell you how beautiful the sky looked on this day. I had my slow playlist on while I was staring out of the bus’s window, lost in my imagination. It took me around 40 mins to reach there and as I stepped outside; I was in awe of the view. Trust me it felt as if at this very moment, my brain had refreshed and was thanking me for taking the day off. So, guys if you ever want to witness a beautiful sunset in the city, I’d recommend going here. I spent my time roaming around the place, listening to my favourite music and then having a cranberry cake with a latte which was the perfect sweet end to my escape.

The last song that I played on this day, end with words that I really love, and I think it’s only fair to end this blog with them.

'Cause everything is not alright
And we are falling
But that's just life, without some lows there is no highs
And everything will be okay
Though we are all hurting
'Cause time flies fast and you know, no pain is forever

A shadow of Syed Ali at Salford Quays