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A busy December: the end of semester one

Our first semester ended on December the 14th, coming with the deadline of the two group course works of Cross-sectional econometrics and Portfolio Investment.

The course work of CSE asked our group to explore the relationship between company capital structure and a series of variables which primarily constructed on the reference readings. This course work is very practical, which effectively strengthened our basic knowledge and provided a good opportunity to develop further empirical analysis skills by using STATA.

The course work of Portfolio Investment required us to be a group of the asset manager to construct a portfolio according to the current UK and EU economy status and business environment, selected the ‘right’ ETF to beat the benchmark. This course work gave us a chance to get access to the Bloomberg to explore and analyse with the latest data and news, which is a vivid practical lesson for my future career.

And before the Christmas break, our group went to eat Korean cuisines such as forces hot pot and bibimbap, they were delicious, and everyone was satisfied. After dinner, we went to the Christmas market and tasted the German sausage and crispy pork knuckle, as well as the eggnog. All of these were so yummy and it was definitely worth to try!

In the middle of December, I went back home and reunion with my family. The time at home went fast and I indeed found that living at home would reduce my revision effectiveness and efficiency. I tried to overcome this problem and avoid succumbing to inertia. Owing to the exams after the holiday, all my classmates were under strong pressure throughout the Christmas break and January, study and revision was absolutely the first priority at the stage.

After the exam period, the Chinese Spring Festival was coming! I stayed in my room, watched the Spring Festival Gala and ate the sweet and sour chick (which is my favourite!)

All in all, 2020 has an imperfect start, the spreading of coronavirus and the death of Kobe Bryant has overshadowed these days. I hope everything will be getting better tomorrow!