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A bright new start

The days are getting shorter as the winter approaches, the weather is getting rainy and wet, I have started my Masters course around 2 months ago. But I still remember how excited I was when I packed my bags, said goodbye to my parents and embarked on this bright new journey.

I have lived in Manchester for more than 3 years, but every time I go back to this city, I could always have some new experience in this city. In the first few weeks, I went to Chinatown to taste the Vietnamese beef pho with my friends, the amazing flavour tickled my taste buds and I definitely will go there again next time. And during reading week, I went out and had a day trip with my friends to the Lake District, it was a wonderful experience to have an opportunity to put away the daily chores and pressure, go out into the wild and close to nature, recover from fatigue and proceed to the next stage of the busy study.

To be honest, comparing with the previous undergraduate level study, the most obvious difference is the longer lecture duration (usually more than 3 hours), the postgraduate level is far more difficult, every course unit is leveled up. And another significant difference is I have to spend more individual study time than before. In semester 1, I have four course units to learn, which are portfolio investment, corporate financial reporting and cross-sectional econometrics as well as asset pricing. I would say the course structure in the first semester would be more bias to the financial aspect. Previously, I did my Undergraduate Degree in BAEcon Accounting and Finance in UOM as well, in my own opinion, the course connection between the undergraduate and postgraduate study is smooth, which helped me a lot.

This semester, there are three important group course works, which are the main stress sources of my study. Fortunately, I met an amazing group of people to work with me! Everyone in our group is working hard and capable of communicating effectively, everyone is trying to do their best! We could always burst out creative ideas in the brainstorm session which brought me the enjoyment of teamwork.

It just the beginning of my postgraduate journey and I hope it will be another fantastic year in Manchester!